Wednesday, 13 June 2018

"Blog," they said.

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"About what?" I asked. (Pleaded, more like).
"You're a writer... write."
[Easier said than feckin done though]😕

Okay, deep, calm breath, and try this again...

"But on what, exactly?"

You see, I already have a little email list that I tell a lot of goings-on to. Blogs are supposed to be short, pithy, witty, pearls of wisdom... aren't they?

Otherwise, I write books, works of fiction at that. And research on a topic for a book, hardly makes me an expert on said topic. Does it?

But unfortunately [or fortunately] that appears to be what's happening in the blogosphere. And it's not like I don't have considerable research under my belt, or rather [because I'm a nerd] all collated in lever-arch folders.

In saying that, I've also delved into topics to get a 'real feel' for it. BDSM is one example, and purely for research for a book... Honest. [Perhaps a blog post for a later time]😏😉

I'm reluctant to put myself out there as an 'expert'. No one can be an expert 100% of the time. 

Tech changes fast, new legislations often overturn the previous Acts, and even when it doesn't, opinions can be as varied, diverse and divisive as the number of words in its texts. 

And while working as a programmer my manager always warned against make claims of being an expert, that it became a standard that was often difficult to maintain...

So... where do we/I start?

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At the Beginning... although there may be instances of jumping into the middle and just seeing where it lands... those can be fun too...

So, here's the plan... I'm currently recording readings from by Celtic Mythology book. Why Celtic Mythology? Because it's awesome, and seriously overlooked. It's also part of my history which has been largely glossed over, with notable figures like Cuchúláinn and Finn MacCool featuring far too heavily (and hogging the limelight).

But it's so much more, with great richness and depth, and (here's the biggie for me) , a lot more female characters to read about, who have been largely overlooked, or blatantly ignored, (take your pick😣)

Again, I'm not an expert on this, but this is the plan... to share the rich tapestry of an ancient culture that rivals that of Greek, Roman or even Norse (although the Norse stuff is really cool), and in short, pithy, delectable bite-sized chunks, info-nibbles if you will. 

And maybe a few off topic ... er ... topics along the way.

Stay tuned....

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Til next time....Eln... xx

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